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Big Memory
QuickStart Package


Jump-start Your Move to Big Memory

The future of memory infrastructure is limitless memory consisting of heterogenous memory hardware, such as Intel Optane PMem, composable with Big Memory software like MemVerge Memory Machine. To help customers jumpstart the move towards Big Memory infrastructure, Intel and MemVerge have developed a seed program that allows PMem customers to deploy a Big Memory QuickStart Package at no charge.

I want the visibility, capacity, QoS, and performance that comes with a free Big Memory QuickStart Package.

Introducing the Big Memory QuickStart Package

With the purchase of Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory, you receive MemVerge Memory Viewer software free and a free 1-year subscription for Memory Machine™ Standard Edition software.

I want to jump-start my move to Big Memory and want to order my free Big Memory QuickStart Package now.

4 Benefits of the Big Memory QuickStart Package

1 – Long-awaited Visibility into your Most Expensive Server Component

Identify how much DRAM and PMem you need before you buy. Optimize performance and troubleshoot after you buy. MemVerge Memory Viewer provides views of DRAM + PMem topology,  configuration monitoring,  and app memory profiling. Does for Linux what VMware vMMR is doing for vSphere. Learn more by reading the Memory Viewer datasheet.

2 – Unlock Memory Capacity

Without Memory Machine, your DRAM is configured as a cache. With Memory Machine, DRAM and PMem are additive tiers of memory. The result is more memory capacity:

20% more if PMem:DRAM ratio is 4:1

33% more if PMem:DRAM ratio is 2:1

50% more if PMem:DRAM ratio is 1:1

Click here to see the capacity difference between a Redis database configured with and without Memory Machine.

3 – Guarantee Bandwidth to Critical Apps

Without Memory Machine, noisy neighbors can steal bandwidth. With Memory Machine Quality-of-Service (QoS), noisy neighbors are isolated, and predictable performance is guaranteed to critical apps. The result for cloud service providers is higher VM density. Click here to see how cloud service providers can achieve higher VM density with memory QoS.

4 – Upgradeable to Advanced Edition

Memory Machine Standard Edition brings greater PMem visibility, capacity and QoS, with the same DRAM performance. Upgrade to Memory Machine Advanced Edition to get storage-like data services such as snapshot, replication, and recovery, but at the speed of memory. Memory Machine Advanced Edition is also your ramp to peta-scale Big Memory Computing coming soon with CXL technology. Learn more by reading the The Skinny on Memory Machine.

I am an Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory User and I want to order my free Big Memory QuickStart Package now.

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