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Big Memory QuickStart Package

    FREE MemVerge Big Memory QuickStart Order Form

    (hereinafter referred to as "Company") applies for the Big Memory QuickStart Package. Company confirms that it has read and understood the contents of Annex I Introduction to MemVerge Big Memory QuickStart Package, confirms that Company meets the conditions and qualifications of Target Participant in Annex I, and applies to obtain Memory Machine Standard Edition licenses for the Intel Optane Persistent Memory capacity specified in the PMem Quantity field below.

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    Annex I:

    Introduction to MemVerge Big Memory QuickStart Package


    The Big Memory QuickStart Package is offered by MemVerge. Users who have purchased Intel Optane Persistent Memory modules, or servers and other hardware devices containing Intel Optane Persistent Memory, are eligible to apply. Program participants receive, at no charge,  a 1-year license to MemVerge Memory Machine Standard Edition, a software platform that allocates and manages system memory in data center servers. Participants also receive at no charge MemVerge Memory Viewer software, a utility for monitoring the state of memory modules. The goal of this program is to help users understand how applications use memory resources, and how to realize the benefits of Intel Optane Persistent Memory.

    Target Participant:

    A user who has purchased Intel Optane Persistent Memory modules, or servers and other hardware devices containing Intel Optane Persistent Memory.

    Package Information:

    Under the Big Memory QuickStart Package program, MemVerge provides free licenses until the total amount of memory licensed reaches 2000 TB. Users apply for licenses according to their capacity requirements, on a first come, first served basis. Memory Machine Standard Edition provided in this program is completely consistent with the commercial version of Memory Machine, and MemVerge provides the same standard technical support service as for commercial procurement. The software licenses set forth below are governed by and subject to the terms and conditions of the MemVerge End User License Agreement entered into upon installation of the software (the “EULA”). Users can obtain the following products and services by applying to participate in this program:

    1. Memory Machine Standard Edition Software Package
    2. Memory Machine Standard Edition One-year Subscription License
    3. Machine Standard Edition One-year Technical Support
    4. MemVerge Memory Viewer Software Package


    1. The registration of this program is valid until June 30, 2022. Users must apply before this date.

    2. For each user participating in the program, the scope of the licenses approved and issued shall be determined by MemVerge according to the capacity of Intel Optane Persistent Memory purchased by the user, and the memory capacity so licensed shall not exceed the total capacity of Intel Optane Persistent Memory purchased by the user.

    3. Proof of purchase of Intel Optane Persistent Memory is required to obtain the free Memory Machine Standard Edition license.

    4. Without the formal written consent of MemVerge, the user shall not resell or forward the software package or license obtained through this program.

    MemVerge has the final say on the interpretation of this program.