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Big Memory QuickStart Package

Guarantee Bandwidth to Critical Apps

Without Memory Machine, noisy neighbors can steal bandwidth. With Memory Machine Quality-of-Service (QoS), noisy neighbors are isolated, and predictable performance is guaranteed to critical apps. The result for cloud service providers is higher VM density.

One cloud service provider hit the wall in terms of VM density per server because jitter occurred when there was not enough memory, but adding memory was expensive.

The CSP added PMem and it eliminated jitter which allowed them to predictably add more VMs.

Intel Memory Mode

MemVerge Memory Machine

Because VM density was increased, the CSP was able to consolidate servers. A server farm of 245 servers with 768GB of DRAM per server, was replaced by 90 servers with 768GB of DRAM and 1.5TB of PMem per server for a savings of $565K.

With DRAM DIMMs-Only

With Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory and DRAM capacity @ 2:1